Use Of Herbs-Herbs For Weight Loss

According to new research use of herbs in your diet is very useful to your health and also important herbs for weight loss. Following herbs have been proved very successful 

Herbs for Weight Loss

Herbs for Weight Loss

Adding burdock root to the tea will efficiently flush away fat molecules that have been broken down by the chickweed. Burdock has laxative properties in addition to being a diuretic and improves fat metabolism. Simmer burdock root in water for about 20 minutes to brew a tea to drink between meals.



contains capsaicin, which improves digestion, metabolism, and the overall fat-burning process. Dandelion is a gentle diuretic, laxative, and digestive aid that enhances fat metabolism, and helps remove fatty acids and cholesterol from the bloodstream. Eat fresh dandelion greens in soups and salads.


GREEN TEA For Weight Loss

 Oxidizes fat and has a wealth of heart-healthy antioxidants. Green tea you can take in tea or supplement form.

Additionally, for some people, it has also proven to increase energy levels. Further research shows green tea extract and flavonoids can change the way the body uses norepinephrine, a hormone that monitors how calories are burned. Green tea is the more effective  Herb for Weight Loss.

Herbs for Weight Loss

When flavonoids interact with other content of green tea extract, more calories burned. Other materials that actively contribute to weight loss are catechin polyphenols. These compounds interact with other content in green tea extract for weight loss



is a herb whose active ingredient, gymnemic acid, helps lower and balance blood sugar levels. The unique shape of gymnemic acid molecules is similar to that of glucose, allowing it to fill cell receptors in the intestinal lining, thereby preventing the uptake of sugar molecules.

In healthy adults, Gymnema Sylvestre believed to help curb sweet cravings. Though not a magic bullet, when taken with a high-carb meal, it can aid the body by passing through sugars and making carbs available for burning.


herbs for weight loss

contains a compound that is about 50 times sweeter than sugar. It’s known to satisfy cravings for sweets. Eat 1-2 sticks a day. Excessive use can raise blood pressure. Mixing with diuretics may cause potassium depletion leading to weakness and muscle pain. Mixing with heart medications may cause an irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrest.


Herbs for Weight Loss

 is a gentle bulking laxative that contains mucilage to build mass in the digestive tract and push waste out. It can also produce feelings of fullness.

Take 1 tsp. of husk or seed powder dissolved in 2 cups of water or juice 2-3 times a day. It must be consumed with 6-8 glasses of water a day or severe constipation will result. It may cause stomach upset, gas, or bloating. Do not use it if you’re pregnant or have asthma.


is a good source of trace minerals and is a natural thyroid stimulant, usually contain in kelp capsules or tablets. If you currently take any thyroid medication or even suspect you may have a thyroid problem, check with a doctor before taking kelp or seaweed.


Works by increasing metabolism and improving digestion. It also considered both a strengthener and an energizer and is frequently recommended for fatigue and loss of appetite.

It may take months to see noticeable results. Be patient and pay attention to your body. Try 1 or try them all, and see what works best for you


Wild yam contains diosgenin found in their rhizomes, which can be used as a beginning material for producing steroid hormones like estrogen, DHEA, and progesterone. As a result, extracts of the herb used as remedies for menopausal symptoms.

The traditional uses of wild yam were as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic herb that relieves colic, menstrual cramps, and arthritis. It may also have anti-cancer properties. Herbs are always full of healing surprises


relieve headache

Many headaches are caused by poor circulation to the head. Rub peppermint oil mixed half and half with safflower or lavender oil on your temples, avoiding your eyes. Peppermint oil contains menthol and promotes blood circulation. Lavender oil has relaxing properties that promote rest.

Also, take fifty milligrams of niacin together with B complex to promote blood flow to the head and ease a headache. Rosemary tea is also helpful in treating headaches. Feverfew is sometimes useful in stopping migraines.