Best Rowing Machine Under $1000 To Buy in 2022

We do not need to compromise or adjust our needs based on our budget to buy Best Rowing Machine. Except for all the other machines which are budget-oriented, these are the only high-quality ones that professionals use. We will tell you about the best rowing for under 1000 dollars in this article.

Would you like something that has the latest technology in it and is more high-end? These features will allow you to enjoy your fitness journey to the fullest. In this category of rowing machines under 1000$, you will talk about water rowing machines.

As we all know, water rowing machines are among the best rowing machines available today. Moreover, the water rowing machines have adjustable resistance and other high-end features.

Water rowing machines mostly come with heavy wooden rail frames, which ensures durability. The water’s relaxing sound is also important to mention when we talk about the water rowing machines under $1000. Moreover, the wooden frames of water rowing machines seem like furniture in your home and can also enhance your home’s look.

When you are willing to spend 1000$ on a rowing machine for sure, you want top high-end quality and durable product which can last for years. You want a brand that can assure you of its quality and good customer service.

With a budget of 1000$

you can get a rowing machine similar to the one you used in your gym. It is not a bad idea to have a budget-oriented rowing machine, but you will have to compromise a lot with those models. If you have a budget of 1000$, there is a vast market of high-end devices to choose from. When it comes to choosing between air rowing machines, water rowing machines, magnetic rowing machines, and hydraulic rowing machines, the real challenge arises.

Our hard-working researchers spent days searching for the rowing machines under $1000 to help you find the best product. Our researchers put hours of work into this article to have a clear vision of what you want to buy and what is best for you. It would be best if you read this article to buy the rowing machine for under $1000 for your home gym.

So without any more wait let us start this article and let you know about the top rowing machines under 1000$. After this article, you will be all set to go shopping and buy a rowing machine for yourself. Enjoy the article as we have enjoyed writing this for you.

Merax Water Machine Fitness Indoor Water Rower:

Best Rowing Machine

Solid Steel Construction:

This indoor rowing machine is refined with solid steel construction for long-term use. The solid steel construction of this rower ensures durability and firm performance.

Solid steel supports up to 330 LBS, which means everyone can use this rowing machine with ease. Moreover, this machine’s design is elegant and sleek in design, which can enhance the beauty of your room and help you remain in shape.

Inclined Water Tank: 

This rowing machine’s incredible thing is this unique inclined weather tank, which makes this rower incomparable to others in the market. In a flat position, the unique inclined water tank provides more powerful resistance than others at the same price. Through more substantial resistance adjustment, you can get more effective aerobic exercise.

Multi-Feature Monitor::

The multi-featured monitor on this rowing machine displays your workout activities accurately and counts them too. You can use the large LCD monitor to monitor your rowing intensity in terms of duration, distance, calories, stores, and heart rate. This rowing machine also offers quick start and stop capabilities. These quick options allow you to begin your rowing workout with a single button push.

Competitive Race Mode::

The most exciting aspect of this rowing machine is the competitive race mode. In the market, most other rowers lack this innovative feature. Furthermore, this Merax water rowing machine provides a quiet and smooth rowing experience.

The quiet rowing experience allows you to watch your favorite TV shows while enjoying the relaxing sound of water.

However, this rowing machine’s water tank requires complete attention from the users because when it started leaking water, the whole machine becomes a problem.


  • Unique Inclined water tank provides extra resistance
  • Competitive race mode to challenge yourself
  • Great value for money
  • Large multi-feature LCD monitor


  • The nylon cord is flimsy

Fitness Reality Magnetic Rower Machine:

Best Rowing Machine

Dual Independent Handles:

Modern customers want everything in one best rowing machine, so they don’t have to spend their time in traffic while going to the gym. The rowing machine satisfies this essential need for customers. Each handle is independent of the other. The independent handles provide shoulder, chest, and full arm exercises to the users that most rowing machines lack. Moreover, the dual handles are covered with a comfortable rubber-cooled handgrip that makes your workout experience complete fun.

15 Workout Programs:

There are 15 workout programs on this rowing machine that are not found on most rowing machines. There are five customizable programs that you can change based on your performance and form. Additionally, the chain-driven dual transmission mechanism of this rowing machine provides the strength necessary for intense workouts.

Backlit LCD console: 

The demand for rowing machines with large LCDs has increased in recent years because of advancements in technology. Because of the demand, Fitness reality presents this rowing machine that contains a large, highly visible backlit LCD console. This rowing machine’s large screen displays count, time, distance, RPM, calories burned, tension levels, and watts.

Not only that, but the LCD console also displays three workout goal settings: calories burned, distance, and time. Moreover, with adjustable console angles, you can change the LCD position for better viewing.

Folds for Storage:

This rower allows you to fold it when not in use to make room for other activities. Fitness reality’s rowing machine’s folded dimensions are 45″ L x 25″ W x 59″ H.

It also comes with ball-bearing seat rollers that provide smooth and comfortable strokes. Moreover, it provides 16 magnetic resistance levels that allow you to adjust the resistance according to your needs.

However, the assembly process of this rowing machine is challenging because of the complicated assembly instructions. You need help from YouTube to assemble this rowing machine. Moreover, some customers receive their boxes with missing parts that need to be addressed. Also, the present customer support needs to be improved for better results.


  • 16 levels of resistance
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Smooth and robust performance


  • The Assembly process is very challenging

Water Machine with Bluetooth Monitor:

Best Rowing Machine

Solid Wood and Elegant Design:

This unique machine is made with strong solid black walnut wood that ensures high performance and durability. This machine’s elegant design with black walnut wooden construction will fit in your home-like furniture and enhance your home decor’s look, apart from providing a fantastic workout. The wooden construction of this stylish and modern-looking machine is ultimately a new thing that attracts heavy customers.

Easy to Assemble and Easy Storage:

Due to the complicated process, it is often challenging to assemble a machine by yourself. However, the assembly of this wooden machine is straightforward and straightforward. Almost anyone can assemble this masterpiece with the help of the included manual. This machine is easy to assemble and store as well.

You can store this rowing machine by standing it after the workout. Moreover, it also comes with wheels on the bottom which means you can move this rowing machine from one room to another on a flat surface without leaving any marks on the ground.

Bluetooth Monitor:

The water machine comes with an advanced Bluetooth monitor that makes it superior to others on the market. The Bluetooth monitor displays essential statistics, such as time spent, distance rowed, SPM (strokes per minute), and average calories burned per hour. You can also download a free app on your mobile called Fitshow from the play store and can connect to this rowing machine through Bluetooth to record the data.

Full Body Workout:

This wooden constructed quality rowing machine targets all your body and provides you with a full-body low impact workout. It targets all your muscle groups while having a low impact on your knees’ joints, which keeps them safe. This rowing machine allows you to change the resistance according to your need by changing water capacity. Moreover, it provides a real rowing experience with a quiet workout. The quiet workout allows you to watch TV while exercising.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Complete body workout
  • Large Bluetooth monitor


  • Difficult to change the resistance
  • The monitor does not display split times and watts.

Mr. right Water Machine for Home Use:

Best Rowing Machine

Real Water Experience:

Water is a new concept that has almost changed the whole rowing market. The demand for water machines is increasing day by day. The Mr. right water machine is one of those machines whose demand has been increasing continuously. This rowing machine offers a real water rowing experience. The unique design of this machine seems like a real ship that enhances the whole experience.

Convenient Storage:

This machine is easy to store. When not in use, you can simply lift one side of the machine and store it against your closet or wall. Moreover, it has wheels at the bottom, so you can easily move this machine from one place to another on flat ground without damaging your floors. Moreover, the fantastic wooden construction and professionally made design of this rowing machine made it an audience favorite since its arrival in the market.

Comfortable Workout:

It features a height-adjustable seat and footplates with straps that offer a comfortable full-body workout. You can use it to improve your cardio fitness.  A full-body workout keeps you fit and energetic all day.

Build for Home Gym:

Coronaviruses prevent you from spending time outside your home at this time. Every country is trying to control this deadly virus, and we expect you to stay home. Stay at home and help control this deadly virus. This rowing machine is designed specifically to be used in your home gym. This rowing machine gives you a complete body workout that keeps you in shape.

However, the assembly process becomes difficult if you are a beginner and new to rowing machines. So, if you are new to rowing machines, then professional help is recommended. Moreover, some customers also complain about laminated wood/plywood. The wood is not as reliable as advertised. Other than that, the operations and performance-wise, this rowing machine is perfect.


  • Full-body workout
  • Smooth and quiet operations
  • Easy storage


  • Low quality of wood

Sunny Health & Fitness Phantom Hydro Water Rowing Machine:

Best Rowing Machine

Water Resistance:

Nowadays, these machines with water tanks are becoming more and more popular. Sunny health and fitness present this amazing machine that is water-resistant. The built-in water tank holds water at a 60-degree angle to provide resistance. Not only the 60-degrees angle of the water but the build-in 16 hydro blades provides enough resistance that enables the user to build some muscles. Moreover, the material of this water rowing machine is solid enough to support 250 IBS easily.

Monitor with Swivel Features:

The machine with a display monitor has become a thing of the past. Machines now feature large LCD monitors with swivel features that track your every move. The machine from sunny health and fitness also comes with a large display monitor that displays time, calories, stores, distance, total stores, SPM (stores per minute), pulse, calendar, time/500m, temperature, and clock. The large display monitor of this rowing machine has everything you could have asked for in a rower.

Foldable Space Saver:

These days, a lack of space in the room has become a problem. Almost everyone wants a rowing machine to take up a small space in the room, leaving room for other activities. Sunny Health and Fitness produce quality water resistance rowing machines keeping that in mind. It comes with an innovative upright foldable design, which allows the user to easily store this machine in a compact space after every use. Moreover, with the help of this rowing machine’s built-in wheels, you can move the machine from one place to another without leaving marks on the ground.

Bottle Holder:

One thing that you should do while exercising is stay dehydrated. To stay dehydrated, you need someplace that holds your bottle of water so that you will not have to leave the rowing machine to drink water. This unique rowing machine comes with an innovative bottle holder that allows you to drink water without leaving this rowing machine. Not only that, but this rower also contains a device holder that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows while exercising.


  • Smooth and quiet operations
  • Device holder and a bottle holder
  • Amazing performance monitor
  • Strong water resistance


  • Poor assembly instructions

Buyer’s Guide of Rowing Machine Under $1000:

Choosing the perfect rower is a difficult task to do, especially if you are new to rowing machines. Multiple design and construction options make it very hard to pick the one that fulfills your needs.

That’s what we compiled this buyer’s guide to help you pick the best rower under $1000. Our hard-working researchers spent days searching for the factors that you should consider before making a purchase.

We have compiled a buyer’s guide that allows you to identify each rowing machine’s weaknesses and strengths that ultimately help you buy the best rowing machine that fulfills your needs.

Following are some factors that you should consider before making a purchase.


Choosing the rowing machine is challenging because of the odd dimensions.

Design is one of those dimensions that you must consider to buy the rowing machine for you.

If you are above 50 and trying to keep yourself healthy while spending some of your time on the rower, then you must choose a rower that is relatively low to the ground. A rower with a low ceiling rail prevents you from harming yourself during intense workout sessions. So, try to consider water rowing machines because their frames are lower to the ground than other rowing machines.

Moreover, some rowing machines are heavier than others. Thus, please buy the rower according to your need. For instance, if you plan to store the rowing machine after every use because you have little room in your home, you should buy a rower with a metal-frame design.

A rowing machine with a metal-frame design is skinner than a wooden-frame design rower without compromising durability. Thus, a rowing machine with a skinner frame design allows you to quickly move the rower after every use compared to the solid wooden ones.


Resistance is also one of those essential factors that you should consider before making a purchase.

Some rower comes with fewer levels of resistance while others come with higher levels of resistance. So, you should buy the one that fulfills your needs.

For instance, if you want a rower at your home to remain in shape with a low-impact workout, then you should consider the rowing machine with fewer levels of resistance.

On the other hand, if you are young and want to build bulky muscles while staying at home, you should buy a rower with maximum resistance levels. A rower with maximum resistance levels allows you to enjoy intense workout sessions and build massive muscles from the comfort of your home.


Having a large LCD screen on your rowing machine can make a huge difference in your overall workout experience.

All the products on our list contain LCD screens but some display more workout activities than others. So, please buy a rower with a large display monitor that shows maximum workout activities to help you remain in shape and fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to row every day?

Even if you are a health-conscious individual, who wants results from a regular rowing workout, do not rush into the activities. For beginners, it is perfect for rowing three times per week for aerobic workouts such as rowing. You should give a rest day between workout days for better results. Moreover, the rest days between workout days provide your muscles a chance to recover.

What are the rowing machines under $1000?

We have listed the top five top rowing machines under $1000 below.

1. Merax Water Rowing Machine – Fitness Indoor Water Rower.
2. Fitness Reality 4000MR Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine.
3. Water Rowing Machine with Bluetooth Monitor, Solid Red.
4. Right Water Rowing Machine for Home Use, Oak Wood Water.
5. Sunny Health & Fitness Phantom Hydro Water Rowing Machine.

Is rowing good for abs?

Yes, regular rowing is good for abs. A rowing machine improves abs by regularly engaging the core throughout every stroke. You got git rid of the fat layer on the top to see your abs. Thus, the rowing machine is a full-body fat-burning workout that improves your abs.


There are almost all the necessary details in this article for you to find the best rowing machine under $1000. The following are our concluding remarks if you don’t wish to read the entire article. The first place on our list goes to Merax Water Rowing Machine – Fitness Indoor Water Rower. This rowing machine is constructed from solid steel so it will last a long time. This rower is a top pick primarily due to its innovative competitive race mode, which allows you to challenge yourself and get the most out of the rowing machine.

Our runner-up for the top rowing machine under $1000 in 2022 is Fitness Reality 4000MR Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine. This rowing machine comes with a large backlit LCD console that keeps you updated about your workout activities. Moreover, the foldable design, 15 workout programs, and dual independent handles enable you to make the most out of this rower and build massive muscles.

The third position on the list goes to the Solid Red Water Rowing Machine with Bluetooth Monitor. This rowing machine only gets the third spot because of its high price. Other than that, this rower has everything to be on the top. You can enjoy a full-body workout with this water rowing machine while enjoying the quiet operations.

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